Free Quotes - We are available daily by phone, e-mail, or if you stop by our shop for pricing and to answer questions about your specific needs or our services. Most engine build quotes are free with the exception of those we must blueprint and design from scratch, such as Race, stokers , custom engines or those requiring special fitting and machining. Quotes are good for 30 days.
In House Machine Shop- We do all of our work in-house. From block work and prep, to cylinder head, competition valve grinds and port work. Crankshaft grinding and balancing,connecting rods and many special milling and welding operations.                                    
Dyno Testing- For customers wanting specific DATA on their hot street or race builds, we're equipped with a Kahn 10,000 RPM/1000 HP Dyno. This aids in maximizing an engines' tune and potential horse power,using information gathered from the dyno computer. 
Collector, Muscle Car, Marine- We offer a range of services. Our machine shop is complimented by a service area for the removal and installation of your vehicles engine. Old /New, Boat/Auto/Tractor, carburetor or fuel injection.Turbo and Supercharged. Ask us for our complete menu of options.                                                                     
Warranty Policy - Stock and mild performance engines have a limited, detailed written warranty specific to the services performed on the car. We strive for total customer service and work hard to earn and keep your business.       *RACE and High Performance are warrantee void for obvious reasons.
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-Full Restore
-Head decking/ Machining
-Block decking/ Machining
-Block Cylinder Honing
-Line Boring
-Cylinder Sleeves
-Piston/ Rod Hanging
-Piston Fly cutting
-Sand Blasting
-Glass Beading
-Valve Guides
-Valve Grinding
-Valve Seats
-Block Boring
-Crank shaft Grinding
-Crank shaft Balancing
-Engine Assemble
-Port and polish
-Crank shaft Polishing
-Magna Flux
-Engine Dyno testing / tunning
-Engine Blue Printing
-Custom Mill Work
-Connecting Rod Re-conditoning
-And more just ask
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