Steve Thorsen, our owner, started out as an apprentice engine machinist after completing a 2 year machining tool and die program and classes at Lansing Community College. Three years later in 1986 he opened our shop with his brother and a best friend. It has grown over the years into a trusted, knowledgeable engine machine shop . Steve personally supervises operations, often taking a hands-on role for more complicated builds and repairs.
  Having a great passion for engines ,machining and Horse power in many forms of competitive racing ,our shop has been involved with  many factory ,performance shop and individual programs.
  In 1997 Steve went to work with Lansing native and owner of Rocketsports racing, Paul Gentilozzi. 1998 NTB Trans-Am's drivers champion.  Hired as engine builder, to run and oversee engine operations, machining, dyno lab and engine assembly at rocketsports. While working with Gentilozzi, he built the teams 310ci  trans-am engines, as well as the 4.0L Aurora units for team Scandia and  team Sabco on the IRL circuit.
  Returning to our shop in 1998, we continued an SCCA push with the team of HMR Racing, driver: Andy McDermid(Lansing,Mi.) and Archer Brothers Racing, driver: Bobbie Archer(Fort worth,TX.)  The team of HMR racing came into the 1998 season late but set a hot pace and second fastest lap time at the Valvoline Runoffs.  The team found itself in the Winners circle in 1999,SCCA runnoffs in mid-Ohio and did itself one up, as it set back to back wins after taking the 2000 season as well. A great testimony and accomplishment to team,driver and engine builder.
  Our shop is continually updated with the latest AERA industry standards and other major industry rebuilders information supply organizations.