ends October 30
Great job racers! On the sand,in the dirt & on pavement!
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RACERS!!   Remember,after your finished for the season,those engines need to be made fresh and new for next year. Come talk to us about our sponsorship programs and racer discounts @ thorsensracingengines    
Limited time only. Time till special ends specified on page. Person must print and present coupon to thorsens racing engines Employees. Limited to one per customer only. Customer must print page in its entirety. Printed copy is valid up to sale expiration date. Anything past this date is considered void.

*special alert*  remember all engine oils are not the same! if you own a collector car or race car,your engines camshaft needs are very different from new car oil specs. Oils you buy in the store unless they specify "race" or "use for older models" do not contain key additives needed to keep your cam and lifters and other parts from destroying eachother. We carry * AMSOIL-VALVOLINE RACING-REDLINE-LUCAS oils. Don't make a fatal mistake.